The tetra points represent the cardinal points of the compass

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“I know our numbers, and it’s good to be part of that growth

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Those country cousins were scattered as the Depression made the always difficult life in the Appalachian Mountains untenable. Many of those related to the original feuders, both from Kentucky and West Virginia, migrated out of the area and sometimes out of the state, said Louise T. Jones, special collections and library director at the Kentucky Historical Society..

Notes: The Mariners have won three of four. Seattle wore “Marineros” jerseys as part of Salute to Latin America Beisbol Day. But he hopes parts of Sunnyslope Village will come together and form groups. “It’s definitely brought a lot of things to the surface that we weren’t necessarily aware of. If you’d like to start your own neighborhood watch group, the Hollister Police Department has a starter packet you can download to get the ball rolling.

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The candidate waited an hour and a half in a long line of

According to an arrest affidavit made public Monday, Zhou passed a Christmas card to a TD Bank teller that demanded money be placed in a box. With an unspecified amount of cash in hand, he allegedly fled in an Infiniti sedan, which also was caught on camera. The suspect is caught on camera showing a teller a card with handwriting on it..

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